Do dogs get headaches?

Have you ever wondered if dogs get headaches? Well this article will clear that doubt for you. Although headaches in dogs have not been proven, there are many factors that make dog owners and veterinarians believe it is possible. Dogs like humans go through many health conditions and a headache is one of them. When humans have a headache, the can explain how they feel and get the necessary help they need. This is not the case with dogs because they cannot explain how they feel or tell you they feel pain on their heads. As a result, it is not quite clear to some people if these human companions actually suffer from headaches. Despite all the debate on this topic, one can assume that because a dog has head and pain receptors, he is most likely to suffer from a headache just like humans do. The only difference may be in the symptoms which may be sometimes different from those shown by humans.

Common symptoms of headaches in dogs

Some dog owners and veterinarians have observed certain symptoms as symptoms of headaches in dogs. Below are the most common symptoms to watch out for so as to determine if your dog is suffering from a headache or not.

-One way to tell if your dog has a headache is if the dog becomes hyperactive. Your dog may start nibbling and may have trouble standing still.

-Again, if your dog becomes sensitive to light and sound then that may be a sign of headache. He may prefer to be in a dark and quiet place until he feels better.

-Your dog may also not want to be touched or played with. He may cringe and react negatively when touched.

-If your dog is constantly whining and whimpering for no apparent reason, then that may be a sign that he is unwell and most probably suffering from a head ache

-Also, your dog may become unresponsive to anything due to his current situation

-Your dog may also begin to act clumsy and also become irritable

-Your dog can start acting very Sluggish and prefers to sleep often

-Your dog may be shaking his head, pressing his head, have his head Lowered and frequently changing his posture

-Your dog may also be Sweating profusely on forehead and ears, and seemingly aggressive.

Although these symptoms are for headache in dogs, they can also be symptoms of other diseases in dogs. Learn more about medication for dogs. It is important to know your dog well and look out for any warning signs that may prove he is unwell. This will enable you take the proper action to make your dog feel better.