Do dogs need to brush their teeth? And use toothpaste?

This make come as a big surprise to you but dogs absolutely need their teeth cleaned. Of course they cannot do it themselves and their owners need to do it. But without brushing your dogs teeth, they will not only fall out, but they can become prone to a host of diseases that can have serious health risks for your canine.

Don’t panic if this is news to you, just follow our basic guideline below.

What to brush your dogs teeth with

Always use a dog toothbrush with soft bristles and make sure it is wet/moistened. If you cannot afford to buy a proper dog toothbrush a children’s toothbrush can also work perfectly.

What toothpaste to use

The best dog toothpastes are available in your local vet or on Amazon.They are completely different to human toothpaste so do not use your own for your dog! If swallowed they can cause severe issues.

How often should the dogs teeth be brushed?

Believe it or not everyday would be perfect, although that is unlikely to happen. But you can cheat a little and buy chew toys toys that can also work as dental care. This should make it much easier to do.

How often should I get a professional cleaning for my dog?

Most opinions will vary but at least once a year is the general rule of thumb. This can easily done between normal vet checkups to make it easier.

If you need further help we highly recommend reading the dog tooth brushing tips from petmd