Why do dogs eat poop?

The most disgusting act that your dogs do is eating poop.  Although you spend lots and put before them premium dog food, yet you will notice some dogs eating feces. Why do dogs eat poop?

Eating poop is referred to as a technical term as coprophagia. The poop eaters come from multi-dog households and mostly are greedy eaters. In fact, your dog may also eat  poop and it may be a result of a poor diet, nutrient deficiency, hunger, or medicinal purposes. If you find your dog eating cat poop you can learn more here.

Poor Diet

Some dog food is almost the poop quality. The dog foods of low- quality are available in the supermarket and these foods have ingredients hard-to-digest and are cheap fillers. These foods do not contain the required nutrients that the dog requires.

Dog food that is commercially available may have the real meat or veggies appearance and may also inform the food quality to be good. Unfortunately, dogs eat the same day-in and out, but they lose out on array of nutrients required for their body. Thus, people must look for premium-label foods in a supermarket at a pet store so that they are exposed to dog food suitable brand. Addressing good variety food is the need to feed the dog, but remember to check on him so that your pet does not have an upset stomach with new formula food.

Nutrient Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is the cited reason often for eating poop. The modern-day dog foods feature iron and other mineral dogs. Yet if the dogs go looking for poop eating, it is a sign of nutritional deficiency. The dogs are on premium foods and have the required nutritional elements.


Hunger can tie with low-quality food. The ingredients such as soy, corn, and beef may be difficult to digest, such that your dog does not received the required nutrients that it remains hungry. Even if it is a well fed dog with food of high-quality, it may be starving. The dogs with parasites take away the nutrition from the food that the dogs turn to poop eating to fill the gaps. Thus, ensure your dog is regularly checked for parasites and worms.

Medicinal Purposes

Poop is not bad always, there are good and bad bacteria. Your dog may be looking out to strengthen its gut and so do not encourage your dog to poop eating.

The dogs eat fresh stools that are one or two days old to keep the infectious parasites from harming.